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Getting arrested and charged with Criminal Offense big or small can be overwhelming and it may seems like there is no one looking out for your best interest. Definately, the prosecutor isn’t looking out for your best interest, especially if you have prior record. The prosecutor’s job is to prove that you are guilty and the natural distrust for your government appointed public defender will actually hurt your case.

Our office believe that there are two sides to every story and circumstances are not always what they seem to be. However, it is the burden of the state to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt. Our office has a reputation for putting forth vigorous and cutting edge defense on behalf of our client even at the early stage of the case.

Our office has extensive experience and think outside the box, we can see cases from the procecutor’s eyes and we know the type of problem they can encounter satisfying that burden of proof and the weaknesses that might exist in their case even when they offer “plea deal” on cases they can not win anyway.

Our office will use its experience and the facts of your case to craft a defense that is specific to your situation while taking the prosecution’s burden into account. We will make extra court appearances for our clients and treat you as a member of our family and not just numbers. We will not settle your case because we are in a hurry and most importantly we will not pass by a good “plead deal” if it is the best outcome in the circumstance. Our office is accessible, affordable and has a reputation for tenacity and high standard on behalf of our client. Contact us for free consultation today.

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